Kristals cosmetics

I absolutely love discovering new brands, especially when it comes to skincare… And I’m not gonna lie, it’s been awhile since I started using Kristals cosmetics. I’m pretty sure some of you still remember my snaps and most of all the excitement I had while trying their Magnetic mask for the first time. Luxury packed, they’re all about gem-infused skincare products… And now I can safely say, I found them working perfect for my skin! 

Shall I begin with my definitely favorite – DIAMOND Anti-Gravity Magnetic Mask. Well, now I couldn’t agree more with Marilyn Monroe when saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Skincare friend – if you ask me! So, all I can say about this mask is loudly “Woow”. I’ve never tried something like this before, because basically after keeping it on your face for 7 minutes, you remove it by gliding the tissue-wrapped magnetic bar over face revealing a thin layer of organic oil extracts…and that’s when you start to feel your skin breathing, being incredibly smooth.

Moving on from diamonds to pearls, introducing another Kristals cosmetics product – PEARL Neck & Chest Extra Firming Cream. Well, we do forget about out decolletage very often, even though it’s exposed to heavy makeup almost as much as our face. So ladies, don’t forget to look after that area as well. Since I started using this cream, I’ve really noticed the difference. It left my skin more fresh, improving my skin’s elasticity, and that’s an important component of anti-aging skin care, if you agree with me. 

First of all, I was surprised this product doesn’t come from Dubai. I mean, DXB is all about gold and glitter, you probably know that already. But did you know that gold is actually beneficial in skincare due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties. That’s why I gave a try to this 24K GOLD Facial Perfecting Serum. After using it for awhile I’ve noticed it’s leaving my skin wrinkle free and glowing. It helped me a lot especially after coming back from Europe when my skin needed a special treatment after all those climate changes.

Previously facial serum has to be followed by this 24K GOLD Eye Perfecting Serum, because of course, we don’t want to neglect out pretty eyes. And neither one of us is a fan of those ugly dark circles and bags under them. The ingredients in this products though decrease sun damage and reduce appearance of age spots. Well, that’s exactly what I need!

Last but not the least product I tested from this skin care brand is this ROCK CRYSTAL Micro Polish CleanserThis is the product I was using every single day and it really does leave my skin fresh, soft and moisturized. It helps slowing the loss of water from your skin by forming a barrier on the skin’s surface. And it just feels soooo good washing your face with this cleanser! Thumbs up for that! 🙂